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The team at Packs came to us and asked us to develop a winning digital strategy to grow revenue. We did that in spades, and helped them reach a whole new level!


Education is a basic human right; Yet those who need education the most, the children living in poverty, have become the least likely to attend school. Worldwide, nearly 900 million people can’t read or write. A vast amount of global illiteracy has been one of the root causes in driving extreme poverty. Additionally, the lack of basic infrastructure and education within underdeveloped countries has lead to an increase in violence and economic distress within communities.  The Packs Project was founded to help give back to those in need.

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We saw a significant increase in website orders and revenue

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Revenue Increase

Increased revenue across the board for all channels through a thoughtful lifecycle strategy

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Email Acquisitions

We started with 500 email subscribers and now have a list of 7,000 emails

“Fox Digital has been paramount to our continued growth. They’re more than just a marketing company- they are our friends, marketing department, and partners.”



We identified Facebook and Instagram audiences and built campaigns around reaching each audience.  We also launched paid search campaigns, where we split tested all ads.  With those results, we then optimized all ads to maximize their performance.

We also created a customer Welcome Drip series and then scaled paid media spend.  This helped us monitored resultsand then reported all findings back to client.



The “Fox Smart Approach” has helped hundreds of companies to succuess with online marketing.  Our proven team members are experts in Facebook/Instagram Ads, Email/SMS Marketing, Shopify Websties and just about everything digital.