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Unlock profitable growth on Facebook and Instagram.

How It Works: Scale Your Brand with Precision and Expertise

At Fox Digital, we prioritize an ROI-driven strategy, managing an impressive portfolio of performance ad spend in the millions annually. Our expertise recognizes that among the myriad of digital marketing channels available, Facebook and Instagram stand out for their unparalleled ability to consistently deliver positive returns on investment.

Our approach is deeply analytical, leveraging cutting-edge data analytics to craft comprehensive, full-funnel advertising strategies. These strategies are meticulously designed to not only optimize media purchasing but to refine creative direction and enhance the on-site experience, ensuring a seamless journey for your audience that translates into significant revenue growth.

The Fox Digital Edge: Where Expertise Meets Innovation

Fox Digital takes pride in being your premier choice for Facebook advertising. Our status as a Meta Business Partner isn’t just a title—it’s a testament to our profound expertise and intimate understanding of the platform. This relationship enables us to unlock unique insights and advanced strategies, positioning us at the forefront of Facebook marketing.

Facebook marketing isn’t just a part of what we do; it’s at the core of our services, with 90% of our clients leveraging Facebook to achieve their business goals. This focus allows us to deliver exceptional, targeted results that drive growth and enhance brand visibility.

Our commitment to excellence in Facebook marketing is unwavering. We are not just marketers; we are your partners in growth, combining our deep industry knowledge with innovative strategies to create advertising campaigns that resonate with your audience and deliver measurable results. Choose Fox Digital, and experience the difference that professional expertise and a dedicated partnership can make in your Facebook marketing efforts.

Our Process

1. Audit and Analysis
2. Creative Testing
3. Audience Targeting 
4. Optimization
5. Scale

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Our Latest Case Study

Nutraceuticals brand came to us with ambitious goals to scale their e-commerce business, to increase brand awareness with trackable sales increases, and to create recurring revenue by converting one-time purchasers into lifetime subscribers.

Elevating Nutraceutical Brands: A Strategy of Education and Engagement

In the highly competitive nutraceuticals market, our approach to fostering brand growth and enhancing customer lifetime value centers on a key insight: informed customers are more likely to make a purchase and commit to a subscription. Recognizing this, our strategy has been to differentiate our nutraceutical clients by prioritizing consumer education, highlighting the distinct advantages of our brands over others in the market.

Utilizing a multi-platform strategy encompassing Google, Facebook, and Email marketing, we’ve tailored our approach to disseminate educational content on nutraceutical products effectively. This strategic variation in communication across platforms ensures engagement, as repetitive messaging often leads to consumer disengagement.

On Facebook, our advertising campaigns are meticulously crafted to not only spotlight the product’s unique selling points but also to emphasize value propositions such as sustainability and social responsibility efforts. Our creative strategy incorporates a mix of comparison ads and narratives around giveback initiatives, adopting a full-funnel marketing approach. This method allows us to segment our messaging according to the consumer’s stage in the buying journey, ensuring that each piece of content is both relevant and informative without overwhelming the audience.

Through rigorous customer research and A/B testing, we’ve fine-tuned our creative assets and copy to resonate deeply with specific target personas, significantly enhancing the efficiency of our ad spend. This targeted approach enables us to focus our resources on attracting and retaining the most valuable customers, driving both immediate sales and long-term brand loyalty.

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Maximizing Impact with Facebook's Advertising Ecosystem

What Are Facebook Ads?

Leveraging the expansive reach of Facebook’s advertising platform, which seamlessly integrates Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, presents an unparalleled opportunity for targeted marketing. This ecosystem supports a diverse array of ad formats, including single images, videos, slideshows, and more, allowing for precision in crafting messages tailored to highly specific audience segments.

The preference for Facebook’s advertising capabilities among social media marketers is overwhelming, with nearly 96% attesting to its superior return on investment (ROI) compared to other platforms. This confidence is grounded in compelling data:

  • Global Engagement: “Facebook” ranks as the most searched term worldwide, signaling its ubiquity and centrality in digital conversations.
  • Vast User Base: The platform boasts 2.4 billion users, providing a fertile ground for over 7 million advertisers to connect with potential customers.
  • Daily Interaction: On average, users dedicate 35 minutes of their day to Facebook, offering a significant window for engagement.
  • Widespread Adoption: In the U.S. alone, 68% of adults maintain an active Facebook account, highlighting its reach across demographics.

Despite its extensive reach and sophisticated targeting capabilities, advertising on Facebook remains cost-effective. Advertisers have the flexibility to define their maximum spend, ensuring budget efficiency without compromising the breadth of their audience reach. This cost-effectiveness, paired with the platform’s vast audience, makes Facebook an unmatched channel for digital marketing efforts.

With over 3 million businesses already harnessing the power of Facebook advertising, it’s clear that the platform offers a unique value proposition. At Fox Digital, we specialize in navigating this rich advertising landscape to ensure that your marketing campaigns not only reach their intended audience but also achieve optimal results. Partnering with us means tapping into expert strategies that harness the full potential of Facebook’s advertising ecosystem, driving impactful engagement and fostering growth. Let us show you how to elevate your Facebook marketing to achieve the best possible outcomes in an effective and efficient manner.

Facebook Ads offer a unique and powerful way to connect with potential customers by leveraging the social actions of their friends and peers. This innovative approach to advertising taps into the natural behaviors and interactions that occur within the Facebook ecosystem, providing an opportunity for brands to amplify their message through the power of social endorsement.

Consider the scenario where a user notices that a friend has “liked” the official page of Alo Yoga on Facebook. This action isn’t just a solitary interaction; it becomes a catalyst for targeted advertising. The user may then see this engagement in their News Feed, accompanied by a strategically placed Alo Yoga ad. This ad isn’t just another promotional message; it’s a personalized invitation to join a friend in appreciating a brand, or to explore the latest offerings from Alo Yoga. This method of advertising is subtle yet powerful, fostering a sense of community and shared interest.

The privacy of users is paramount in this process. Facebook ensures that interactions with ads are only visible to confirmed friends, respecting the user’s privacy settings. This ensures that the advertising experience remains positive and secure, reinforcing trust between the user, their network, and the brand.

The underlying principle of this advertising strategy is the recognition of social influence in consumer behavior. When users see their friends engaging with a brand, it not only raises awareness but also lends credibility and appeal to the brand’s message. This approach is grounded in the understanding that personal endorsements, even those seen indirectly through social media interactions, carry significant weight.

By partnering with an expert in Facebook marketing, such as FoxDigital, brands can harness the intricate dynamics of social endorsements and user interactions. Our expertise lies in crafting campaigns that not only respect and protect user privacy but also capitalize on the natural social behaviors inherent to platforms like Facebook. This strategy allows for a more organic and effective reach, ensuring that your brand’s message resonates with the right audience, at the right time, through the most trusted endorsements—those of friends and peers.

Who Should Advertise on Facebook?

Paid Social Display Ads should be part of any business’s digital marketing strategy. It is a key way to share content, build links, and drive engagement. However, you are missing out on the full potential of social media if you are only using it for organic traffic.

There’s really no reason not to advertise on Facebook if you have a business. Facebook’s user base is massive – so no matter what type of consumer audience you have, working with Facebook to promote your products or services is bound to gain you sales.

The real question is, how many users would you like to reach per day? While the cost does increase depending on the number of people you’re interested in advertising to, it is a surprisingly fair price compared to most, if not all, other channels.

Let’s share an example. For 30 cents a day, Facebook will reach out to 1000 people for you. Some small businesses might only be able to afford to spend about 100 dollars a month on Facebook Ads – but this would still allow for reaching 80,000 people every month!

Most companies will find that they can afford much more than 100 dollars per month. This is why the concept of advertising your business on Facebook shouldn’t take much debating at all. Don’t waste time; give it a try and watch as your consumer base grows instantly!

If you don’t feel as though your company is highly trained in digital marketing and online advertising, you’re not alone. You’re absolutely going to want (and probably need) an ad agency in order to achieve the results you want.

Luckily, our team full of experts in online marketing at Fox Digital are eager to help.

How Can an Agency Help?

Working with an agency like Fox Digital can help more than you would expect. Why? Full-funnel ad agencies are the perfect “middle man” to have when trying to achieve the best marketing results possible.

Ad agencies are on the pulse. They are constantly researching and discovering the most efficient ways to pull people in and get them clicking. More clicking means more buying!

Fox Digital Agency will help you with targeted media buying. They will analyze your company’s data in every category in order to find out where you sell best, how you sell best, and what needs to get done to sell more.

Every business is different, and experienced ad agencies such as Fox Digital know that. They value quality over quantity, which is crucial for true growth. We will assist in implementing the most productive and innovative methods meant for you and your particular business.

When To Consider a Facebook Ad Agency?

As mentioned above, there’s no reason not to consider a Facebook Ad agency – but if you’re still on the fence about working with one, we have some information to help you decide.

Facebook Ad agencies are all about emphasizing the details that make your company shine. They are determined to find what makes your company different from the rest and then help you profit based on those specifics.

How To Find The Best Ad Agency?

Agencies like Fox Digital are determined to make your business blossom at an impressive rate. Our award-winning team of experts is able to provide a broad range of skill sets such as brand development, data strategy, media innovation, digital proficiency, and creative content-making.

If you’re wondering whether FoxDigital is a good fit for your company, let us remind you that we work with all types of businesses that have a nice focus. Some of these include:

  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Technology
  • Sports

Fox Digital is dedicated to being a diverse and inclusive workforce for all of our employees. We also feel it’s important to make a difference however you can. We pride ourselves on having the most skillful experts on board, we understand that no matter who you are, there is always more to learn. It is for this reason that we are consistently giving our employees educational opportunities within the industry. 

What Makes Facebook Marketing So Helpful?

We pair directly with Facebook representatives in order to get you the latest and greatest strategies. We have learned with Facebook that in this digital age, video ads tend to produce better results than just about anything else.

Figuring out the “why” behind your business is key.  FoxDigital is able to help you define this. Subscription services in particular focus on their “why.” We can develop the best messaging for you to send to your customers so that they feel special for being a part of your subscription service or mailing list.

A great draw for using Facebook is their ownership of Instagram. In the second quarter of 2020, Facebook reported having 2.7 billion users while Instagram reported having 1 billion.

Instagram Stories and Reels, a feature in which users are able to share photo and video content that lasts 24 hours on their profile.

How Can I Get Started with Fox Digital and Their Facebook Marketing?

 It’s quite easy to get in touch with us.

You will find the contact us page in the upper right corner of your screen, you will see our “Contact Us”. Clicking on this tab will bring you to the brief form we ask that you fill out in order to get connected with us.

Once you’ve filled out a little bit about yourself and your business, we’ll get back to you shortly after. Before you know it, Fox Digital will be helping your company climb the ladder in terms of exposure/visibility, and working alongside Facebook to boost your well-deserved sales.