Native Ads

Engage your audience with advertising that integrates seamlessly with its surrounding content.

How It Works

Native ads are designed to completely assimilate alongside the content and design of the websites they appear within, creating a seamless transition into your brand’s shopping experience.

The Fox Digital Difference

Fox Digital will leverage its decades of experience to identify immediate wins and dynamic long-term growth strategies based on a deep dive audit of your business.

Data, not our intuitions guides us. We let the data instead of our intuition guide us. Through rigorous testing of our hypotheses, Fox Digital ensures your tailored growth strategy is dynamically responding to the needs of your customer and business.

Our Process

1. Perform campaign audit and opportunity analysis.
2. Provide creative format and tactic recommendations
3. Develop performance-driven full-funnel targeting and campaign strategy
4. Optimize against core KPIs
5. Scale

Native Advertising Agency

Engage your audience with advertising that integrates seamlessly with its surrounding content. Native advertising is an extremely effective advertising format wherein brands can enjoy greater levels of engagement and conversions. That being said, creating content that is able to seamlessly integrate with the rest is easier said than done. For this reason, it may make sense for you to work with a native advertising agency that can help you develop, target, and place the right content in the right places to reach the right people. 

What Is Native Advertising and How Does It Differ From Other Types of Advertising?

Native advertisements are designed to assimilate alongside the content and design of the websites they appear within, creating a seamless transition into your brand’s shopping experience. This type of advertising is more appealing to viewers and, therefore, more effective. 

Many people get native advertising confused with other advertising concepts that are thrown around — specifically, branded content and content marketing. Starting at the bottom, content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to a targeted audience. 

From there, we have branded content that is defined as a specific content creation tactic wherein content is produced through a relationship (either paid or not) between the brand and a media outlet. 

Finally, at the bottom, we have native advertising defined as a paid or third-party advertising format where the content matches the form, feel, function, and quality of the existing content on the platform. 

Benefits of Native Advertising

Now that you know more about what native advertising is and how it differs from other types of advertising, we need to discuss its benefits. Here are just some of the ways that native advertising could be beneficial for your business:

  • Native advertising is mutually beneficial: Everyone benefits from native advertising — from the advertisers, to the publishers, and even the viewers. The benefits to the advertiser are obvious — they get publicity and exposure. Publishers benefit from native advertising thanks to higher rates of engagement. Finally, viewers benefit from a less invasive and more seamless form of advertising.
  • Native advertising works on a variety of different platforms: Since native advertising is integrated with the original content, it’s available on both mobile and desktop platforms. Furthermore, it can be used on almost any social media application ranging from Facebook to Instagram and everything in between.
  • Native advertising is able to avoid ad blockers: If you want to ensure that your content actually gets to your target group and doesn’t get blocked in the process, then you need to use native advertising. Other types of pop-up advertisements can be blocked by software tools and can easily turn off customers that see it as disruptive and intrusive.
  • Native advertising helps build brand awareness and credibility: Native advertisements have a higher chance of going viral — thereby increasing your brand awareness within your target group. Furthermore, native advertising helps you build your brand credibility by being featured on trustworthy and credible platforms. Those positive qualities will, in turn, be applied to your brand.
  • Native content is simply more effective: When you take all of this information into consideration, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that native advertising is more effective than other types of advertising. The numbers back this up — the click-through rate for native advertisements is 8.8 times higher than other types of advertisements. Native advertisements are particularly effective in certain categories, including pets, food and beverage, and parenting. 
Native Advertising Best Practices

Of course, native advertising is only beneficial if you do it right. So here are some native advertising best practices that you should follow when pursuing this marketing method:

  • Plan your strategy: There are many different formats of native advertising that can be used together effectively. What isn’t effective, however, is seemingly posting things at random with no clear strategy. Instead, you need to outline what you’re posting, where, when, and why.
  • Choose your objective: Speaking of the “why,” objective is extremely important when it comes to native advertising. Although this is true for any type of advertising, native advertising can achieve better results when you use clear calls to action based on your objective. For instance, are you trying to raise brand awareness and, therefore, use a call to action that involves subscribing to your email list? Or are you trying to earn conversions for a specific new product? Your native advertising campaign will look different depending on your objective, so it’s important to determine this ahead of time.
  • Know your audience and target them: You should be designing your native advertising with your target customer in mind. In order to design for them, you first have to know them. What do they care about? What do they fear? What do they do in their spare time? These are all questions that you should have answered within a comprehensive buyer persona. From there, you can take steps to reach this group through effective targeting. 
  • Test your content: When done right, native advertising can be extremely effective. The best way to ensure that it’s done “right” is to conduct A/B testing on your content before it’s posted. When conducting A/B testing, you should select one variable that you’re testing for and run a wide range of different varieties. From there, you can see which areas are performing well and combine them together for an extremely effective advertisement. 
The Fox Digital Difference

Fox Digital is a best-in-class performance marketing agency that helps brands scale with cross-channel, data-driven creative content. No matter your company’s age or size, we can help you scale and achieve incredible success within your industry and beyond.  

Our Process
  1. Perform campaign audit and opportunity analysis: We begin our process with an initial audit and analysis of your current marketing efforts. Native advertising should fit seamlessly within your other advertising tactics. To create the right fit, we first need to know what we’re working with to promote a cohesive brand voice and brand image.
  2. Provide creative format and tactic recommendations: After the audit is complete, we then move on to the creative process. 
  3. Develop performance-driven full-funnel targeting and campaign strategy: Targeting is key when it comes to native advertising, which is why this step in the process is so important. We come up with specific targeting mechanisms that are used to reach the right people with the right content. We also decide on different campaign strategies ranging from brand awareness to conversions.
  4. Optimize against core KPIs: Even though we do a lot of work on the front end, in order to make sure that everything is running smoothly, we monitor and optimize the performance of your native campaigns against key performance indicators. If any indicator is underperforming, we take immediate action to resolve the issue and get the campaign back on track toward success.
  5. Scale: Based on what we have learned so far, we have a surefire formula to do it again and again to achieve lasting success for your company. 
FoxDigital as Your Native Advertising Agency

If you’re not taking advantage of native advertising yet, don’t keep missing out! In order to achieve the greatest possible results from this marketing tactic, you need to work with the marketing experts at FoxDigital. 

But don’t just take our word for it — check out our case studies and client testimonials to see for yourself. You should also feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary marketing consultation during which we can discuss needs, goals, and strategies to grow your brand.