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A Recipe for Successful Email Marketing

A Recipe for Successful Email Marketing

Successful Email Marketing

Like your favorite meal that is made using a very particular recipe, email is a marketing tool that requires a few important components for it to give you the best chance of being effective.

The key part in both situations is the ingredients. Let’s do a breakdown and see what are the things to consider when drafting a marketing email for your audience:

  • Try using your employees’ real name in the ‘from’ field to give it a humanistic touch.
  • Try testing subject lines. Keep in mind that a short yet descriptive subject line goes a long way. According to sources, 35% of readers think the subject line decides whether they will open an email or not. In addition, invoking urgent action also gives weight to the email.
  • Try a more enticing preview or preheader text. This is your last chance to lure your reader into opening the email.
  • Use a strong purpose to highlight in the email. How do you want your prospect to act? The content body of your email is where you nail down this part. Make sure it adds enough value for your reader to achieve the desired result from your email.
  • Try better email images to make them more accessible and visually appealing.
  • Try testing different Call-to-Actions such as Learn More Now, Shop Now, Get More Information, Read This Blog, etc.