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Good Ad. Bad Shop. E-Commerce’s Kryptonite

Good Ad. Bad Shop. E-Commerce’s Kryptonite

Good Ad Bad Shop

You are not Superman – and even if you were, some things could still have harmed you. But the reality is that you are an online business struggling to earn revenue and a poorly designed website can be detrimental for you.

No matter how many paid campaigns you run or how attention-grabbing your ad is, people will turn away if your website is confusing and complicated. So make sure your page follows the UX requirements. Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing a website with the aim of using it as a sales platform:

Filtered Results

Make sure there is an option to filter results so that users can find products in a specific price range, from a certain brand, and/or according to their other preferences.

Appropriately Designed Menu

Make sure your offerings are mentioned under clearly defined headings and sub-headings. Categorization makes it easier to find products and leaves little room for irritation.

Shopping Details

Make sure the buyers have access to all the information when they add a product to the cart including special offers, payment and delivery details, and shipping charges, if any.

These are not all the elements that affect the UX of your shop. Many others such as layout, color etc. play a huge role as well. It’s therefore best to leave website design and development to experts