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Your Email Marketing Campaign vs Spam Folder

Your Email Marketing Campaign vs Spam Folder

Email Marketing Campaign vs Spam Folder

If your marketing email ends up in the Spam folder, all your time and effort involved in devising it goes to vain. Besides, you may also miss out on potential sales. So businesses need to learn why emails go to Spam. Here are a few reasons:

1. Targeting the Wrong Audience

If you have the wrong contacts on your Email Marketing list, they’d probably not be interested and hence not even bother to open the email. Low engagement rate results in your email to be categorized as Spam (even if it is not).

2. Choosing an Unreliable Email Service Provider

Do you know that your emails can be labelled as “spam” if the IP address has been used for spamming in the past? This means that if you are relying on an email service provider and any of their previous client has been involved in such a practice, your campaign’s effectiveness will get impacted.

3. Using Spam Trigger Words

Certain words trigger the spam filters. A list of such words is usually available online. Some of the commonly identified ones are: “Congratulations”, “Free”, “Great Offer”, and “Cancel at any time”.

Avoid using them in your emails and subject lines.  Now you know 3 roadblocks that may hinder the success of your email marketing campaign so it’s best to avoid them.