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3 Tips on How to Increase Cart Value

3 Tips on How to Increase Cart Value

How to Increase Cart Value

Achieving high order revenue is not just pure luck. It requires something more. Here are a few tips that may help e-commerce businesses increase their customers’ cart value:

1. Don’t just sell. Advise

Why do you think many of us end up buying more than what we had initially planned when we go shopping. Ever wondered that it may have something to do with the recommendations of complementary products by the salespersons, or them telling us how much a certain outfit suits us?

Try creating a similar experience at your online store. When customers make a selection, recommend products that are usually bought together with it. Chances are that most people will purchase the complete set.

2. A Pop-up is all what your customer wants. Use it

It is a common misperception that pop-ups irritate customers. Sure, they do IF they are useless and serve as distractions. However, they can be helpful tools for online sellers if used correctly. For e.g. if your customer is adding a certain product to the cart which would probably be useless without another – such as the charger of a phone, a pop-up communicating its availability and price would not only help shoppers but is also likely to increase the cart value (read profitability) for the business.

3. Compliment your customer. Waive shipping charges

We all love freebies, don’t we? A study has revealed that 40% of buyers order additional products if shipping is free over a certain amount – just to meet the eligibility criteria. Obviously, the business needs to figure out a way to ensure the cost does not exceed the profitability due to this.