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Paid Socials Attract But Organic Content Retains!

Paid Socials Attract But Organic Content Retains!

Paid Socials Attract But Organic Content Retains

If you invite people, make sure you have something to offer when they visit. That’s exactly what most businesses fail to do when marketing themselves on social media.

While planning a paid advertising campaign for Facebook, don’t forget that your viewer’s next step would probably be visiting your business’s page. Make sure it’s interesting and engaging.

Here are a few ideas for Organic Facebook Posts that might help:

1. This or That

Asking your audience to choose between 2 options is an interesting way to initiate a conversation. Besides generating engagement, it can also help you get insights about customers’ preferences.

2. Product Walkthrough

Introduce your products. If your brand has limited offerings, you may give a brief overview about the usage and functionality of each. Otherwise, you can highlight the categories. This will help your brand catch the audience’s interest and acquire mindshare.

3. Customer Testimonials

You don’t always need to do your own marketing. Sometimes it’s best to let your customers do so. Testimonials from past or current users do not only have a greater influence on the audience than promotional attempts by the brand itself but they also help build credibility.

4. Before and After

Show evidence that your brand can create a difference.

Wondering how?

By sharing a “before” and “after” picture or video featuring the condition prior and after the use of your product/service.

5. Answer FAQs

Every business is asked a certain set of questions repeatedly. Regardless of the fact that you may have auto-responses or an online support team, featuring the answers to these queries in your content can be very helpful as it can directly reach many potential customers.